How to Participate

  • Dates of the 55th Festival: 21st June – 26th June 2020
  • Competition hearings: 22.06.2020 – 25.06.2020
  • only amateur choirs are entitled to participate,
  • the number of choir members, including conductors, can not exceed 40 people
  • Registration fee: 400 PLN for each choir,
  • Choirs are required to cover part of their accommodation and sustenance costs. 100 PLN per person for the first two days and 120 per person for each following day. Includes accommodation and two meals per day.
  • Organisers reserve the right to provide the accommodation and sustenance for participating choirs,
  • qualified choirs are obliged to submit the payment for accommodation and sustenance cost to the stated bank account by April 30rd 2020,
  • Duration (concert): 25 minutes,
  • To successfully submit their application each choir should provide the following:
    • 1. Application form (pdf) – download and return!
    • 2. One score copy for every submitted song
    • 3. Full name, address including post code, telephone and fax number, email address of a contact person responsible for the festival.
    • 4. Proof of a successful payment to the following bank account :

      Polski Związek Chórów i Orkiestr Oddział w Szczecinie

      ul. Korsarzy 34,

      70-540 Szczecin

      Bank Pekao Account No 15 1240 3813 1111 0010 6072 0987

  • Not qualified will receive a refund of the registration fee
  • All applications should be submitted by 31.03.2020 to:

    Artistic Director of the festival prof. Dariusz Dyczewski

    Academy of Art in Szczecin

    ul. Plac Orła Białego 2

    70-562 Szczecin

  • Choirs are qualified and informed by a decision of the artistic festival council,
  • a resignation  should be submitted by May 15th 2020
  • program changes should be submitted by May 30rd,
  • possible concerts in other provincial cities and simultaneous music events
  • Each choir will receive a commemorative diploma at the request of the jury, accredited journalists and patrons,
  • choirs and conductors may receive festivals prizes and awards,
  • The competition will take place during the festival.